// Organizer: BEST Erlangen
// Sponsor: DATEV

const eventStart = new Date("17-09-2021");
const eventEnd = new Date("18-09-2021");
const signUpLink = "https://forms.gle/deadlineIsOver";

var maxTeamSize = 4;
var numChallenges = 2;
var challenges = ["Creativity/Image Generation", "Cyber Security"];

function apply() {

This year, BEST Erlangen is organizing its first hackathon on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of September. Join HackOverflow alone or in a team of up to four students and take part in one of two challenges!

Training Pre-event

Make sure to also participate in the educational pre-event on September 11th. There, you have the chance to take part in a soft skill as well as a hard skill training session that will surely be helpful for the hackathon, especially if you have little or no programming experience. After you signed up, we will provide you with more information on this matter.


Creativity/Image Generation

Unleash your inner creativity and develop something that has never been done before. Let the machines do the work and produce something not done by humans.

Cyber Security

Protect everybody from the dangers of the internet. Prepare yourself and others for malicious attacks on your online persona and defeat the evil.


One of the tasks this year is created by our sponsor DATEV. Make sure to check out their website as well as their wide range of working student offers.