BEST Erlangen


With the idea in mind to connect local students at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) with the European wide network of BEST, a group of internationally-minded students from Erlangen set out to establish the first German Local BEST Group (LBG) in March 2012.



The Airbenders are responsible for the Public Relations. They manage the social media channels of BEST Erlangen and design the posters, pamphlets and all promotional materials.

How do they Work?
The Airbenders are led by the current VP PR, who is reponsible for assigning the tasks and ensuring their timely fulfillment.


The Waterbenders are responsible for all things HR, they are there to plan and execute the various HR and recruitment activities.

How do they work?
The Waterbenders are led by the current VP HR. This person is responsible for coordinating with the rest of its members to host fun activities and games for the rest of the LBG.


The Earth Benders are responsible for maintaining and expanding corporate relations and fund procurement for BEST Erlangen.

How do they work?
The Earth Benders is led by the current VP CR. We offer companies the opportunities/services of BEST Erlangen as a student organisation in FAU.


The Firebenders are responsible for IT and Projects. They are there to maintain the website and the Google Workspace.

How do they work?
The Firebender are led by the current IT Coordinator. This person is responsible for meetings (once monthly, more often for projects) and maintaining the task list.

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