We at LBG Erlangen strongly believe in the vision and mission of BEST: an environment of “empowered diversity” and towards “developing students”.

As members of FAU, a world-class university, we aim to facilitate the opportunities within our educational institute, both towards our own students, as well as for guest students from around Europe participating in our events. This is done primarily through 3 main events we hold each year: our Educational Courses, the BEST Training Days and the Local Engineering Competition.

However, in order to organise these events, we wish to involve not only students but also the university and industry i.e. corporate partners.  This allows us to provide a better service to our students by complementing both the lectures provided in the degree syllabus and those organised by us through unconventional educational activities such as company visits and workshops with companies.  In return for access to our events and the opportunities we can provide through them, we ask for a contribution from our partners, typically financial, in order to maintain the quality and success of our events and to ensure our sustainability to offer our services to students in the years to come.