What is a BEST Course?

Every season, Local BEST Groups organize academic courses for students of technology. The courses are either on a technical subject or focused on different soft skills. The courses vary from one to two weeks and are attended by 20-30 students from all over Europe.


What is so great about BEST Courses?

You only have to pay a maximum of 88‚ā¨ and over the span of the course, the Local BEST Group will take care of you. As a participant in a BEST course, you will get the opportunity to increase your international experience, establish contacts, improve your English skills and have a lot of fun while at the same time learning something that you are interested in.


The accommodation is provided by the organising LBG


The food, at least one warm and two cold meals a day, is provided by the organising LBG


Transportation during the course is provided by the organising LBG.
BUT: You have to organize and pay for your travel there and back yourself!


You’ll get the chance to attend social and cultural activities

Academical Part

Participants attend lectures given by the university’s teaching staff or
by experts from companies. At the end of the course the students take an

International experience‚Äč

You’ll get to know students from all over Europe, build friendships and improve your English skills

Our Seasons


March - June


June - September


September - December


December - March


How to apply?


Select the current season and choose 1-3 courses you want to apply for

Create an account

Create an account and send us your enrollment certificate for validating your account


Write a motivational letter and answer the questions for each event you're applying for


Got accepted?


The organising local BEST group will get in touch with you. Now it's time to organise your journey to the course location. You can find everything you need to know in the course survival guide.


Enjoy the event, meet new friends from all over Europe and get to know the BEST spirit!


To receive your deposit back after successful participation in the event, fill the evaluation form within the deadline. The organising local BEST group will inform you about the procedure.

What People Say


Anna, BEST Course Somewhere

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What people say


Thank you, BEST Erlangen! The course was awesome and has meant a lot to me ūüôā I only regret not being able to join BEST before. I really hope to see you again, thanks for everything!
2022 Autumn Course

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01 Sep

Autumn Course 2024

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