Throughout the year BEST organises various events and activities, some are on a local level in Erlangen, but the majority are international events which are taking place all over Europe. There are different types of events, but their common goals are to enable students to increase their international experience, establish contacts, learn, develop themselves and have fun.

Logo of BEST Courses

BEST Courses

Seasonal Courses are 1-2 weeks lasting events taking part at various partner universities spread across Europe. The courses consist of academic lectures centred around a specific course topic including practical parts and company visits. Besides the academic part, there is also a busy and adventurous social program, in which the culture, traditions and people of the host country can be discovered.


Logo of European BEST Engineering Challenge (EBEC)

Engineering Competitions

EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) is an engineering competition, where teams of students compete against each other trying to solve different technical problems. Students are given the chance to test their engineering knowledge, innovative thinking skills and their ability to work together in teams. There is no difference, whether you are a mechanic or economist, what really counts is your way of creative problem-solving.

EBEC Erlangen is held annually in Erlangen and is the local round of the international engineering competition.



HackOverflow is a Hackathon organised by BEST Erlangen. Whether you’re a coding maestro or a design virtuoso, join us for a whirlwind of problem-solving and breakthroughs. Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, brainstorm cutting-edge ideas, and bring your projects to life. Fuel your passion with endless snacks, caffeine, and a vibrant atmosphere. Compete with other teams in this multi-day challenge and win great prizes!

Logo of BEST Soft Skills Track (BSST)

BEST Soft Skills Track

BEST Soft Skills Track (BSST) is a series of local training events giving students of the Friedrich-Alexander-University the opportunity to take part in various soft skill training sessions. Together with different partners, we offer students the chance to develop skills that are useful for their university classes and future careers.

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