For 166 years, Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence.
Electrification, automation and digitalization are the long-term growth fields of Siemens. In order to take full advantage of the market potential in these fields, Siemens’ businesses are bundled into nine divisions and healthcare as a separately managed business.
In fiscal 2013, the roughly 362,000 employees generated revenue from continuing operations of about €75.9 billion and income from continuing operations of about €4.2 billion – further proof that Siemens is thinking for the long term and providing answers for the challenges of our time.

Cooperation between Siemens and BEST Erlangen

As one of our most important partners, Siemens is involved in various projects and events of BEST Erlangen throughout the whole year. Find the most important ones below.

EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition)

Every November, BEST Erlangen is hosting the local round of the European BEST Engineering Competition. As main partner of the EBEC Case Study, Siemens is providing students with a real case from its daily business. As a participant of EBEC, you get the opportunity to solve this case as if being Siemens. Siemens employees are involved in the evaluation of the results and are also present during the day of competition and approachable for personal talks and discussions.

BEST Course

During a BEST Course which takes place once a year (normally during the period of time of „Bergkirchweih“) the participants visit a site of Siemens. Such an excursion gives the international participants the opportunity to see a production or maintenance site of one of the leading players in various fields of German industry.

Internal Workshops and excursions with members of BEST

Members of BEST Erlangen and representatives of Siemens come together for excursions or training events. This provides our members to get in personal contact to Siemens employees and provides insights into Siemens programs for students and employment opportunities.

Round Table

BEST Erlangen and Siemens are planning a Round Table to give FAU students the opportunity to visit Siemens sites and discuss issues and solutions with Siemens employees, managers and other stakeholders. If you want to shape the content of this kind of events, join our group and contribute!

How to join Siemens

If you are interested in the various opportunities Siemens provides to students, continue reading:


Siemens has many internships waiting for you – in your home country and abroad. In a multicultural environment, you will gain valuable expertise and project experience.


Siemens relies on cooperation for the future success of their company. That is why you are invited to work with Siemens while you study or during your semester breaks. You will have the chance to work on specific projects, exchange ideas and opinions with colleagues and build up your own network.

Working Student

If you want your thesis to make a difference, Siemens is here for you. You can write your paper with the benefit of having access to their technical support. If you have an interesting topic in mind, you can rely on the experience of Siemens.

 Future Minds Student Program

Future Minds Student Program is your way to get into Siemens. It is an enterprise-wide program for students and offers an attractive mix of activity-based learning and valuable insights into the working life at Siemens. Is your interest sparked? Siemens is looking forward to hearing from you! Click here!

Find a detailed description below (German only)


Die Siemens AG ist immer auf der Suche nach klugen Köpfen, die bei ihren Projekten unterstützen.

Als Teilnehmer am unternehmensweiten Future Minds Student Program von Siemens in Deutschland können Studenten jeden Tag an solch spannenden Projekten mitwirken und sich dabei wertvolle Fähigkeiten aneignen, Erfahrungen sammeln und Kontakte knüpfen.

Das Future Minds Student Program ist so flexibel konzipiert, dass es das Studium optimal ergänzt. Dabei setzt das Programm auf eine völlig neue Form des Lernens, bei der die Teilnehmer Lösungen für reale Probleme erarbeiten und tiefe Einblicke in das Unternehmen erhalten. Professionelle Coaches beraten und unterstützen die Mitglieder in einer Kombination aus Präsenzveranstaltungen, virtuellen Schulungsmodulen und begleiteter Reflektion.

Pro Jahr gibt es zwei Bewerbungszeiträume: Der erste beginnt am 1. Januar, der zweite am 1. Juli. Bewerbungen sollten online und auf Deutsch erfolgen. Alle Bewerber, die es in die Vorauswahl schaffen, werden zu einem mehrstufigen Auswahlprozess eingeladen.