What is EBEC?

EBEC stands for “European BEST Engineering Competition” and is the engineering competition of BEST. The aim of this competition is to give students the opportunity to apply both their theoretical knowledge and their practical skills. The students compete in groups of four in the local round. The winners must compete in the regional round and finally in the European final.


Choose out of two categories

Case Study

The Case Study (CS) is a theoretical challenge in which students are given a technical, legal, practical or social problem that needs to be solved within a limited time and with limited resources. For this purpose, the students need to abstract and analyze the problem and present their solution.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design (ID) focuses on the skills of the students with which they can create a prototype supported by a plan of how it can look in a real life environment. It just needs to be illustrative enough for the future implementation and isn’t expected to be fully functional.


Three rounds of EBEC

Final round

Compete against students from all over Europe.

National/Regional round

Compete against students from universities in our EBEC region.

Local round

Take part in the Local Round of EBEC at the FAU in Erlangen. The winners of each category advance to the next round.

Any student of the Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–NĂŒrnberg can participate.

No, you will have to choose between Innovative Design and Case Study.

Each challenge will last at least 6 hours long, excluding lunch and coffee break.

Each team shall have 4 members. If there is a solo registration, the organising team shall club you up with the other solo registrations.

Yes, you can register Solo (individually). If you have a team, we advise you to register together.

Feel free to reach out to ebec.erlangen@best-eu.org!


Any questions?

Our FAQ is here to help you out! Here you can find the most frequently asked questions.


Ready for EBEC?

Watch the video on the right to get a feel for how the event happened previous times!

Stay tuned for our events in 2024!

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