Our Services

BEST Erlangen offers your company a variety of possibles to expand your visibility at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), one of Germany´s top universities and reach out to it´s students, the next generation of engineers. During our BEST Career Events you have the benefit -namely the chance- to see a potential employees in action. Those can be a case study or prototype design provided by your company for an Engineering Competition. Other possibilities include the direct contact to your target students during a specific training event.

If you already know exactly what you want, we are eager to receive your request and customize everything to your needs!

Our Services

Event Cooperations

We provide you the opportunity the be visible at the various events BEST Erlangen organizes over the year.

BEST Carreer Service

The BEST Career Service (BCS) gives your company the chance to get in contact with technical students from Friedrich-Alexander University. The Students have the possibility to provide their Curriculum Vitae data, which can be evaluated by you to find the right person for the right position before someone else does it!

BEST Newsletter Service

Our Newsletter service ensures your company reaching interested students and to offer specific trainee programs, internships or jobs.

Our Profile

We provide you a platform for branding, the manpower to promote your company, recruitment possibilities and last but not least a pool of motivated and international experienced students.