Spring Course 2018

Lord Of The Beers

The Return Of The Brewmasters

21st – 31st of Mai 2018

Erlangen + Nuremberg

What is a SpringCourse?


We are organizing a course on an economical or technical theme once every year. SEE WHAT WE OFFER!!!
  • Improve your soft skills
  • Improve your English skills (and even other languages)
  • Get interesting lectures
  • Get in touch with companies
  • Share your knowledge with people from all over Europe
  • Teach us about your culture
  • Start friendships 🙂


Lord of the Beers – The Return of the Brewmasters

Sometimes it comes black, other times light. Girls and crazy ones like it mixed, but nothing beats the classic sparkling “old but gold” with the white topping. What we are talking about? The wonderful, magical and best food replacement God gave us on earth. The BEER. And where else then in Germany/ Bavaria, where even children can get into the favour of tasting this liquid gold, can you experience more and better the secrets of beer?

A department of the University of Erlangen has built up their own brewery, discovering and researching the brewery process together with local breweries. And guess what, they are interested in working with us! So who knows, maybe we will even produce our own beer!

But don’t worry, even if it doesn’t work, trust us there is an endless variety of delicious Franconian beer. But of course you will also have tours to historical and cultural places in Bavaria, amazing German food, kick-ass parties, sunny days and – most importantly – lifetime friends!


Are you ready?

Then come to Erlangen and experience the craziest story you will be proud to tell your grandchildren!



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