Team up with 3 friends and take part in EBEC Challenge Erlangen.

In the Europeans BEST Engineering Competition you can take part in either TeamDesign or CaseStudy.
CaseStudy focuses on developing and presenting concepts to solve a given problem in theory while in TeamDesign you will create a working prototype to fullfill a given list of tasks.

You can apply for EBEC Challenge here:
If you don’t have a team yet, you can do a single application and team up with others.

Case study category consists of technical or managerial problems based on real life. At the end of it, teams are expected to present their rational and creative solutions that are applicable to real life; however, they do not have to put these solutions into practice. At the end of the day, each team makes their presentations before the jury which consists of academicians from our school and of the company officials, and tries to answer their questions.

In TeamDesign category, teams are expected to find a solution to a technical problem, in a limited time, and by using limited materials which are provided by organizers. At the end of the competition, teams must have built a device that can make necessary actions to solve the problem. (e.g. build a machine that is used to carry stuff, a ship, an airplane etc.) Teams present their designs before the jury.

If you apply for the CaseStudy you can also take part in a excursion to a production line of our partner SIEMENS on 5. of december.

Food and soft drinks are provided to the participants by the organizer.

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Team up with 3 friends and take part in EBEC Challenge Erlangen.